Weddings – See video at the bottom of this page

Over the years i have done countless amounts of weddings and these are one of my favourite occasions to DJ for. It is an honour to be able to provide a truly personal service for couples to cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. I have travelled for up to four hours before to cover a wedding and i don’t mind doing this as it tells me I am doing something right to be booked so far away! Here is a list of some of the beautiful venues that i have covered:


North Airmyn Grange (Me and my team are the in house Dj’s at this lovely venue)

Cave Castle

Saltmarshe Hall

Carlton Towers

Rowley Manor

The Triton Inn

The KC stadium


These are just a few of the many venues I have covered. When it comes to weddings people always ask straight away how much do we charge? Every wedding is completely different as its all down to personal preference and obviously how long we are needed for. We put a lot of effort in to making sure our setup looks clean and professional so that guests and staff members can see we take pride in our show and of course for when we are caught in action in photographs! When possible I like to be setup in the morning. Obviously this is not always possible as there isn’t always enough space with other things that are going on throughout the day. But when we can i do so that the bride and groom know that their entertainment is ready! In 2015 quite a few weddings chose to have a DANCE OFF!! I was actually lucky enough to cover the Olympic gold medalist LUKE CAMPBELLS wedding at his father in laws residency in Hessle and he and his lovely wife had a dance off and everyone else joined in and it went brilliantly! They sent me the tracks that they wanted playing a few weeks before and i mixed them together and pre recorded them for the night. I have done this quite a few times now over the last couple of years. Regarding music i always give people the chance to pick and choose what they would or even wouldn’t like playing. As long as i have playlists a week or so before so i can arrange them that is cool. I can also provide a separate Pa speaker with an iPod and microphone (for speeches) for background music throughout the day. Again the music can be chosen by yourselves or i do have a background music type of playlist which has a mix of music that i can provide. Most weddings start at roughly 7:30pm . If we have already setup then we normally arrive three quarters of an hour before hand just to get ready and switch everything on. We do a sound check and then away we go. We normally start with background music or if theres kids present then maybe some music for them to enjoy and dance to before we start getting hit with requests from the adults! Or we just follow through the playlist as discussed in email before hand. As you can see below in this short video, you can get a feel for how our setup looks. This was an old school friends wedding and this was his first dance. I have lots more videos like this that i will be uploading shortly. To enquire about booking us for your special day. Please just send me a message via the contact form or give me a call.