Nightclub Atmosphere

Do you want the nightclub scene to impress your friends and family at your party? If so then please enquire about this option!

In the last 6 months since advertising this service, I have had so many customers choose this option. This set up has been used for 18ths, 21sts and Proms mainly but it is available to every celebration I am needed for.

Basically I just rig all 3 of my P.A systems up together. This creates 3x as much bass and gives me a lot more power to play with up top as well! I use this rig at all the proms I cater for in the big school halls etc. It can also be used in large marquee’s where extra power is needed as well! Not only does it include more speaker power but it also includes extra lighting. If there is space to do so then I add another lighting rig so we can have more lasers and other great DMX controlled light shows.

This package is simply all about choice. If you’re having a party that you want all your guests to remember for years then this option is definitely for you and it’s at little extra cost as well!