About Me

Dj’ing isn’t really a job for me! It’s a hobby! I love doing it and my aim is to see everyone up dancing!! I mix all my music when possible as well!!

I have been Dj’ing since I was just 15 years old so I have got plenty of experience!! Since then I have done countless parties and other celebrations. I have worked in night clubs, pubs, bars, village halls, castles, schools and even private residences. In the first 3 years of Dj’ing I was lucky enough to be a ‘In house’ DJ in a Bar in Goole East yorkshire. I worked in there most weekends when parties/christenings were booked in.

Unfortunately the bar was turned into a restaurant so…

10401440_10203670285653778_8589058991958725454_nI purchased a bigger van. Then I lettered it up with all my Dj’ing info without even realising in the 3 years previously I had gained a good name for myself DJ’ing in the bar having covered so many celebrations. This was proven as the bookings kept flowing in and my diary was proving this. To this day I am still keeping very busy! I also Dj in a Wine Bar in Howden quite a lot. If you know me You will of seen me in there.

As mentioned on my home page, I have over 100,000 tracks. Covering the 50’s right up to the current weeks top 40.

image_2I enjoy playing everything:

  • Motown
  • Country Music
  • Dance Music
  • Electronic Music
  • European Music (Folk / Pop)
  • Hip Hop / Rap
  • Indie
  • Jazz
  • img-mattyPop (Popular music)
  • R&B (A favourite)
  • 90’s Dance (A favourite)
  • Soul
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Anything goes!!

I have 4 compact set ups that are capable of fitting into all venues. What is of upmost importance to me is your complete satisfaction, and this is why all my discos are tailored to meet your specific needs. You can have as much input into the music that I play as you desire. Whether you wish to supply me with a playlist ahead of the event via either meeting up/email/phone, or if guests simply want to make their requests throughout the night, together we can ensure that everybody is pleased and entertained!